See the Vision.
Drive the Future.

The Future Driven Podcast Show hosted by Adam talks about the challenges and wins in business-like leadership, technology, sales, and marketing.

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     Always have the vision of the future while putting in the work today.


    Focused with committed structure creates my drive.


    Together this creates my mindset for the Future Driven lifestyle.


    Strategic Visionary with Solution Based Creative Thought Process

    Adam Lejeunekopp is CEO of Madak, a full-service marketing agency focused on empowering businesses with revenue-generating marketing. Over the past 20 years, Adam has blended strategy and design into one seamless experience for large companies and start-up brands.

    Adam is an aggressively creative marketing professional
    Future Driven Podcast. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Anchor.fm

    The Future Driven Podcast Show

    Adam talks with entrepreneurs and industry professionals about the challenges and wins in business. Topics include business development, lead generation, leadership, culture, sales, marketing, data and technology. See the Vision. Drive the Future.


    Build Your Own Marketing Department

    No one should have to rely on an agency forever – it’s just not sustainable. That is why we created a 90-day marketing course: the Madak Guide. This is a different kind of marketing course where we show you what we do, so you can start to become your own marketing department.

    9 of Madak's clients

    Madak Empowers Businesses with Revenue Generating Marketing

    Marketing is confusing. There are so many platforms and places to advertise. It’s hard to even know where to start, or worse you have started and seen little to no return. At Madak, we believe quality, high value, strategic marketing should be achievable, whether your business is a startup or fortune 500 company.

    “In the area of running and branding an entrepreneurial business he ranks among the best I have met. He gets the branding and marketing side of business like very few do.”

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