Future Driven – Episode 26: Ethan Bull

Future Driven – Episode 26: Ethan Bull

Future Driven – Episode 26: Ethan Bull 1920 1080 Adam Lejeunekopp

Welcome to episode 26 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Ethan Bull, who co-founded ProAssisting.com with his wife Stephanie. Through ProAssisting.com, Ethan and his wife aim to unite companies with his quality remote executive assistants, all of whom are thoroughly trained and equipped with the skills they need to thrive as exceptional assistants.

Ethan grew up working at his father’s restaurant. He started as a busboy and eventually advanced to assistant manager. In every position, he quickly learned just how far quality hospitality can take a business. When it came time to train assistants himself, Ethan realized that certain qualities simply distinguish some assistants from the rest. Perhaps most notably: the difference between simply providing a service and going above and beyond with hospitality in mind.

Future Driven is hosted by Adam Kopp, CEO of the strategic marketing agency, Madak. In each episode, Adam talks to different industry leaders, discussing their careers, leadership styles, and goals for the future.


00:52: Adam introduces Ethan Bull, co-founder of CoAssisting.com.

1:30: Ethan offers us an overview of what ProAssisting entails in terms of service and purpose. 

2:32: Ethan expands upon why he no longer has to explain the significance of remote work thanks to COVID-19.

4:31: Adams asks Ethan about his career and background and how these things led to him founding ProAssisting.com.

8:32: What year did you launch ProAssisting.com?

10:46: Ethan explains the distinction between a remote executive assistant and a virtual assistant.

14:00: Adam recaps what Ethan does through ProAssisting.com to train assistants, identify key talents, and pair them up with clients.

15:01: Ethan shares insights into what role he sees the typical top level assistant playing (a chameleon who can adapt to any type of scenario thrown their way).

17:21: Adam and Ethan discuss how much time the typical executive assistant spends on a client per day, week, and month, with emphasis on month.

17:52: Ethan explains the benefits of 3 to 1 executive to assistant ratio and how both the clients and the assistant benefit from this arrangement.

20:07: Adam adds that the executive assistants offer Ethan’s own skills that he had gained through years of experience and training.

23:21: What do you see for the future of executive assistants? Any predictions for your company?


This week we heard from Ethan Bull, who cofounded ProAssisting.com with his wife Stephanie. With both his experience as an employee at his father’s restaurant and an extensive background as a production assistant in the film entertainment industry, he understands what makes an exceptional assistant and trains assistants to meet and even exceed these standards through his company ProAssisting.com.


Linkedin – linkedin.com/in/ethanbull
Company Website – proassisting.com 

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