Future Driven – Episode 28: Allison Tesnar

Future Driven – Episode 28: Allison Tesnar

Future Driven – Episode 28: Allison Tesnar 1920 1080 Adam Lejeunekopp

Welcome to episode 28 of Future Driven! This week, Adam spoke with Allison Tesnar, an old colleague from RPM Advertising and the current VP of Investment at Empower.

Allison has experience in several different roles at agencies of different sizes. After her time at RPM Advertising, she knew she wanted to work in the digital marketing space, so she took a job at Resolution Media where she was involved with the first-ever influencer campaign for LeapFrog toys.  With a knack for recognizing what would be big in the world of marketing and advertising, Allison has worked to innovate and bring teams together at several agencies, including Starcom, 360i, and Accenture. She is now VP of Investment at Empower, a mid-size advertising agency. 

Future Driven is hosted by Adam Kopp, CEO of the strategic marketing agency, Madak. In each episode, Adam talks to different industry leaders, discussing their careers, leadership styles, and goals for the future.


0:55: Adam introduces Allison Tesnar, an old colleague from RMP Advertising and current VP of Investment at Empower. 

1:15: Allison reflects on some of the great memories from working at RPM.

3:00: What have you been doing in the past several years? What’s your main niche now in the agency world?

6:55: Tell us a little bit about your time with 360i and Accenture. 

9:30:  What’s the importance of bringing teams together? How does it help clients and agencies? 

12:25: Allison talks about her new position as VP of Investment at Empower and how it differs from past positions.

16:32: Adam and Allison talk about the transition into family-driven career decision-making and share a bit about both of their journeys to where they are now.

19:20: What does Empower do, and what exactly is your role there?

23:20: Allison talks a bit about her plan for the future, both in her career and in life.

26:55: Adam and Allison discuss the importance of work-life balance.


This week we heard from Allison Tesnar, VP of Investment at the advertising agency Empower. Allison is always looking forward to the next big development in marketing and advertising and is a pro at bringing teams together. In addition to speaking about her career, Allison emphasized how essential it is to have a healthy work-life balance.


LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/allisontesnar/

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